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Course Duration : 6months (August to January), (February to July)

Course Eligibility and Fee :

SlNo Name of the Course Eligibility For white card holders Others
1 Life skills Level - I 5th Pass 300 500
2 Life skills Level - II 7th Pass/Level - I 600 800
3 Life skills Level - III 10th Pass/Level - II 1000 1000

    1. Recognized Schools, Colleges and NGOs can apply for LSD(Life Skills Development) Centre.
    2. Minimum strength should be 100 for School, 30 for College/NGOs
    3. 40% of total fee paid by student can be the retained by the LSD Centre towards expenditure and development.
    4. The Head Master/Principal/ Organizer of NGO shall remit remaining 60% to CDE, ANU through online banking.
    5. LSD Centre shall use the 40% amount towards
      1. Conducting the PCP (Personal Contact Program) classes (For so students total 30 classes @ Rs.100/- per hour = Rs. 3000/-).
      2. Towards TA & DA for attending the training classes (as per the State Government rules).
      3. For the development of Schools, Colleges and NGOs (as per the State Government rules).
      4. For Printing Study Material.
      5. Submission of admission application.
      6. Printing of course completion certificate.
      7. Submission of accounts.
    6. The application for admission shall be submitted through online only.
    7. Along with the application the prescribed fee shall be paid through online banking only.
    8. Study material will available in CDE, ANU website.
  2. Process for course completion:
    1. 75% attendance in PCP classes is mandatory.
    2. Each student shall submit 6 assignments to the Head Master/Principal/Organizer of NGO.
    3. Each student shall take an examination at the end of the course. The Head Master/Principal/Organizer of NGO shall conduct the exam and declare the result (Pass/ Fail).
    4. Based on the certification by Head Master/Principal/Organizer of NGO (attendance and submission of the assignments and passing of the test) course completion certificate will be generated by CDE, ANU through online.
  3. Eligibility to take Training:
    1. LSD Centre should send two teachers per 100 students for training and the PCP classes should be conducted by the trained teachers only.
    2. Woman teachers are preferable
    3. Trained teachers are preferable (D.Ed., B.Ed., TET, M.Ed., etc.).
    4. Science teachers are preferable (Biology, Physical Sciences, Mathematics and Physical Education).


At the end of the course the Head Master/Principal/ Organizer of NGO. Shall submit the accounts to the Centre for Distance Education, Acharya Nagarjuna University through online.